As part of Euroflow’s continued expansion, we are proud to announce that we have successfully recruited another CAD designer. Taking the in-house design team up to a total of 4 designers now! With the increased demand for automated solutions, it was time to take that next step in growing the team.

Euroflow have been providing a full turnkey service for manufacturing innovative, bespoke automated solutions for many years. Serving a wide variety of industries – from food to FMCG, to chemical & pharmaceutical. By providing an in-house design & build service, we are able to take your concepts and turn them into 3D visuals. Before the engineering process even begins.

Solidworks technology

Our newest recruit is qualified in mechanical engineering (which is proving extremely useful even within the initial design stages). As well as being fully trained in Solidworks 3D software. This program is utilised across the business, and has become a real asset to Euroflow’s bespoke service.

Solidworks removes the need for producing physical prototypes, and enables visualisation of the final product within a 3D environment. This allows our customers to see the rendered solution to their problem, and ensures easy integration within their current systems.

The technology allows us to produce simulations, such as the flow of product through the system, or how the system will work with the addition of conveyors or denesters. This means that any potential flaws in the system can be picked up on at the very initial stages, before the bespoke solution is even manufactured. Reducing the risk of additional costs further down the line.

Euroflow is expanding

This new addition to the team at Euroflow is only the beginning of a very exciting expansion plan. With the automation industry growing at an alarming rate, we are staying one step ahead and thinking big! We hope you will give our new designer a warm welcome, making him feel a real part of the team.

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