In line with the increased demand for automated solutions, and therefore increased bespoke solutions, Euroflow have recently implemented a new ERP system. Our turnkey solutions are automated, and we focus on engineering solutions that are modern and efficient, and increase productivity, but internal processes were requiring modernisation.

By integrating our new ERP system into our processes, this will enable us to provide a better service to our customers. From simple things, like having all of our spare parts brochures in one place, to managing the allocation of resources more accurately. This new software combines neatly with our existing CRM, so everything is in one place, and much more easily accessible.

Project planning

By adding an ERP system to our processes, Euroflow are able to provide more precise estimations for bespoke automation solutions. It is also useful further down the line of the project, allowing for simple production control.

The project planning aspect of this new software has proven a valuable asset already, in the short time that we have been using it. It enables effective project planning. Supporting forecasts for budgets, major milestone tracking, and detailed task plans. So you can rest assured that your project will be on time, and within budget.

Project analysis and tracking

Although the team at Euroflow are always very thorough when it comes to analysing the progression of a project, this new ERP system is making life slightly easier! By regularly reviewing and updating the progress of your project, we are able to provide regular status reports. So you can see exactly how we are getting on, and any issues that have arisen.

Our communications have improved hugely since implementing this system, and it gives our customers that added peace of mind when it comes to tracking their project. We are very excited to evolve the business as this new software is updated.

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