There has been a skills shortage within the UK for some time now, and recent events have only made this worse within the manufacturing industry. Research has been carried out that indicates over 67% of manufacturers are apprehensive about the availability of skilled workers to fill potential roles in the business.

The main light at the end of this tunnel is that automation can fill this void. 51% of manufacturers have seen an improved increase as a result of automated technologies, so this is definitely something to consider if you are worried about the skills shortage. Not only have these manufacturers seen a reduction in operating costs, but by automating internal processes they are able to increase their efficiency. Helping to grow their businesses at a sustainable rate.

Increased Efficiency

Consumer demand is always on the rise, and it is important that businesses are able to deal with this increase. We are living within an era where people expect to order a product one day, and have it delivered the next. This means that B2B businesses need to speed up their processes in order for this supply chain cycle to be shorter.

Take our lid capping machines, for example. With optimum speeds of up to 72 lids per minute, a bespoke solution we manufactured helped one of our customers achieve a 99% efficiency. This would not have been possible without the integration of automated processing machinery. Using automated technology requires less manpower, whilst delivering higher outputs. Have a read through our case studies to find out what other amazing solutions we have created for our customers.

Advanced Technology

Something we have really seen thriving recently is the integration of collaborative robotics within production lines. With technology improving all the time, mobile industrial robots provide a robust solution to carry out internal transport within warehouses and factories. The MiR top module can be engineered bespoke to your individual requirements too. Whether you need it to integrate with a robotic arm so it can travel within a warehouse and collect an item, or if you simply need it to transport goods, we can provide the solution.

It is important that as we are using technology more within the manufacturing and engineering industries, that businesses don’t get left behind. By adopting innovative technology, workload is eased and training time is reduced, reducing the need for highly-skilled workers.

Social Distancing Solutions

Within a busy factory environment, social distancing is extremely hard to instigate, and once again automated solutions could provide the solution. Here at Euroflow Automation we can design and engineer bespoke social distancing machines tailored to the exact needs of your business.

The combination of the recent skills shortage and COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses on a global level. Maybe now is the time you need to consider refining your processes and using automation to increase efficiency. If you would like any more information about any of the automated solutions that we manufacture, please contact us today or give us a call on 01205 357887.

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