With many structural changes happening within businesses due to COVID-19, the logistics industry has had the added issue of social distancing. As logistics workers tend to work in crowded spaces, social distancing is not the easiest thing to enforce within an already crowded working environment.

One positive test result could lead to an entire warehouse operation being locked down for 14 days. That means it is more important than ever to ensure workers are isolated from each other in order to keep businesses operating throughout the pandemic. Businesses are looking to introduce a variety of measures including staggered work schedules and increased warehouse automation to keep their staff safe.

Increased e-commerce sales

With more people working from home, and not wanting to venture out to the shops, e-commerce sales have increased substantially. Whilst this is great for businesses, it does mean the pressure on supply chains has also gone into overdrive. This is a trend that is expected to stay well after the pandemic, so implementing new automated processes with your business for this now is key.

Benefits of automation

Not only does the increased use of warehouse automation have a positive impact on social distancing restrictions, it can also provide a wide range of additional benefits. This includes space-saving, increased productivity, increased efficiency and material flow, safer operations, reduced operational costs and even a higher return on investment.

How Euroflow can help

From fully automated processing lines to bespoke turnkey material handling systems, Euroflow Automation can design, manufacture and install the product that you require.

Robot order picking

Using collaborative robotics that work alongside humans is a cost-effective solution to social distancing. By integrating these within your processes, there is a reduced need for human intervention. Not only can they carry out some of the monotonous tasks to free up your staff for more important tasks, they also offer fast payback times.

Automated box retrieval

Mobile industrial robots are the perfect solution for a busy packaging warehouse. They are a safe, reliable method of transporting products within warehouses and factories. With a payback period of less than a year, you will definitely see the benefit of adding this automated system into your processes.

Automated capping and lidding

Imagine if you didn’t have to position and place lids on filled containers every time one went through your processing line. We manufacture bespoke lidding systems that do just that for you. Simply insert the lid into our automated sorting system, and it will neatly orientate the lid into the correct position.

Automated denesting

One of our other top automated systems is the denester. Our next generation servo-powered denesting solutions are able to dispense a wide range of food containers, tubs and buckets. Helping to save you time within your processing lines. Complete with touch screen HMI technology they can be easily sanitised in between shifts too.

Get in touch today

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