Whilst our website does give you a small insight about Euroflow Automation, we thought it was about time that we delved a little more into the family history in engineering and how the company is ‘Made in Boston’.

Euroflow Automation Ltd is owned by the Milnes family, whose heritage in Boston (Lincolnshire), spans back to the early 1930s. It all started with Cyril Milnes (the grandfather of Melanie Milnes, the current Director). Cyril built a shop at 40 Willoughby Road, and also spent his time catching eels in the Forty Foot, which he then sold onto Londoners. His wife, Jessica Milnes was the youngest female manager of the Boston branch of Woolworths in the early 1930s. As you can see, there has always been a drive for success in business throughout the generations.

Through The Generations

Michael Milnes, the father to the current generation running Euroflow Automation, started Snowflake Woodshaving Co. Ltd in 1968. He moved the business from Kirkby on Bain to Boston in 1970. The company was extremely successful and in its heyday, employed over 100 people across England. There was also depots in both France and Latvia, making it a global success. 50 years later and the family are still a Boston-based business, which is a true testament to keeping things local and British.

Father & Daughter Team

Snowflake Woodshavings Ltd then became Millwood Holdings Ltd, of which Euroflow Automation Ltd is a subsidiary. Euroflow has been involved in various types of engineering for over 30 years, and is now managed by Melanie (Michael’s eldest daughter). She has been involved in the family business since 1985.

Euroflow Automation proudly manufactures machinery which creates innovative solutions to production problems within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The machinery is all designed and engineered in-house within our very own factory, and is sold worldwide. We have recently sold two complete lines to the USA, and with Blue Chip customers who are listed within the FTSE 100. We aren’t just stopping there either, we have some very big projects lined up which we will share with you… all in good time!

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