Super speedy carton filling

Bradgate are part of Samworth Brothers, a family run business who produce chilled and ambient quality foods. Using the finest locally sourced ingredients. They are focused on continually investing in their facilities, and training their team to the very highest standards.

By investing in an automated packaging process, Bradgate wanted to improve the efficiency of their operations. As well as providing a better service for their customers, and better products for the consumer. Bradgate are leaders in innovation within the industry.

The brief

Bradgate approached Euroflow after they realised they could save time and money by automating their packaging processes by using collaborative robotics. Enabling some of the repetitive, monotonous tasks to be carried out a faster, more consistent rate than during manual intervention.

The solution

Euroflow set to work at engineering a high-speed, end of line solution for Bradgate. Their existing production and processing line took care of filling the pasta pots, but it was the final packing section that they were looking to improve.

Euroflow manufactured a bespoke system that automatically collected and erected the outer cartons and filled them with the pasta pots. By integrating robotic arms from Universal Robots, Euroflow removed the need for manual labour. Helping to streamline the process, the outer boxes were then filled, sealed & date coded.

Full integration

The main challenge with this solution was to manufacture a system that could erect and fill cartons at a fast enough speed. Without damaging the pots it was handling at the same time. Spider robots are able to move at very high speeds and can fill the cartons very quickly. BUT they run the risk of damaging the pasta containers. The Universal robot solution allows for us to grab the container and start the movement slowly. With the functionality to ramp up to speed without effecting the container.