Processing up to 60 cabbages per minute

Greencore Group are a leading international manufacturer of convenience foods. Supplying a wide range of chilled and frozen foods across both the UK and US. Their core focus is to develop market-leading positions within the food industry, and building long-lasting relationships with their customers. This means that their production facilities have to rival those of leading manufacturers in order to maintain their position within a very competitive market.

Greencore’s Spalding division approached Euroflow to provide an automated cabbage coring machine, to integrate with their existing cabbage coring process. It was vital to improve their coleslaw production line throughputs. As well as ultimately reducing the need for manual intervention from their staff.

The brief

In order to improve the efficiency of their cabbage processing line, Euroflow were asked to engineer a bespoke quartering and cabbage decoring machine. By removing the need for repetitive manual labour, this would allow Greencore to allocate their resources. Meaning that staff could be transferred to more important areas of the business.

The solution

Introducing the D-Core 60i – designed, manufactured and installed by the expert team at Euroflow. Cabbages are manually placed onto a vegetable conveyor, with their core up. Using the latest laser technology, the cabbages are aligned.

The bespoke cabbage processing line then automatically sizes the cabbage, allowing the optimum core depth to be calculated. This precise technology helps to improve the shelf-life of the final product, as the cores are cut in such a way that oxidation takes longer.

The D-Core 60i then removes the core to the correct depth, before transferring the core for further processing. De-cored cabbage is then automatically sliced into quarters before being sent in a different direction for further processing.

Increased throughputs

This D-Core 60i bespoke cabbage slicing and decoring machine was fully integrated with Euroflow’s bespoke bin unloading and transfer conveyor system. Allowing for the simple, efficient transfer of the end product after processing. The addition of this automated cabbage decoring machine to Greencore’s processing line helped them to increase productivity, processing up to 60 cabbages per minute!

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