The brief

This client came to us as they required an automated bespoke system in order to fill Neutradol air fresheners with gel and catalyst.

This was a cellulose gel and metal catalyst solution, the purpose of the catalyst is to make the gel set. Timing of the complete line from filling to discharge was crucial as the product required 20 minutes to set.

The solution

We manufactured a bespoke solution, an automated processing line which consisted of the following:

  1. Stainless steel hopper for loose empty containers
  2. 250 litre tank for catalyst solution
  3. Heat exchanger
  4. Transfer pump
  5. 4 head depositor system
  6. Catalyst precision dosing pumps
  7. 4 static mixers
  8. HMI control
  9. Infeed conveyor
  10. Retention conveyor
  11. Integrated outfeed conveyor

The containers were manually placed on the infeed conveyor and carried towards the four head filling station, there they marshalled by a gating system to a position precisely under the four depositing heads where the gel solution was pumped into the empty containers. Once full with gel, they were moved along the conveyor and queued up until 40 containers were waiting, these 40 containers would then be transferred on to the retention conveyor.

The retention conveyor was designed so it would slowly fill with the full containers in rows of 40 this was to allow the gel 20 minutes to set before moving on to the outfeed conveyor. Are you interested in improving efficiency and precision within your chemical & pharmaceutical production line? Contact us today to see how we can help.





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