Overall efficiency improved by 99%!

When one of the world leading manufacturers approached Euroflow, we were delighted to design a bespoke powder filling line for them. Innovation is key for this company, and they take R&D very seriously. This powder filling equipment line had to be economical. As well as easily adaptable to the challenges and opportunities of the ongoing food revolution.

The brief

The client came to Euroflow with a simple objective: to automate their existing lidding process. They needed a system to automatically sort lids, ready to go onto the lidder machine. The pots of milk powder would already be filled prior to arriving at the lidding machine. So our aim was to engineer an automated solution for the snap cap lids.

The solution

We began working on this automated lid orientation system pretty quickly after the client got in touch with us. They not only wanted a bespoke solution to improve the productivity of their milk powder manufacturing process. But we had to turn the project around in only 5 weeks!

Having a full in-house team of designers, manufacturers and engineers means that Euroflow are able to provide bespoke solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers. It also means none of the work has to be outsourced. Saving money for the customer, whilst allowing us to have a fast product turnaround.

This bespoke lidding system automatically sorted lids prior to being conveyed to the lidder itself. By reducing the need for manual labour, this filling equipment automation line saved the client vast amounts of time. As the lids were already arranged to ensure they fitted onto the milk powder tub correctly.

Increased efficiency

This bespoke lidding solution needed to seamlessly integrate with their existing processing line. Which is where the use of our 3D Solidworks software came in very handy. With such a short lead time, we needed to iron out any potential issues at the earliest possible stage.

By creating 3D visuals, we were able to check exactly how this new lidding machine would fit into the client’s existing filling equipment line. Reducing the risk of any issues further down the line, when time was of the essence.

By integrating this bespoke, automated lidding solution, the client was able to carry out milk powder lidding at a rate of 72 per minute. Improving their overall efficiency to 99%!