Greencore Cabbage Dcore machine:

Euroflow were approached by Greencore to automate the cabbage processing section of their Coleslaw production line.

The brief was to automate the decoring and slicing of cabbages removing the need for repetitive manual labour, the result of this was the D-Core 30i. Cabbages are manually placed onto a conveyor with the core up and aligned using laser technology. The cabbage is then automatically sized by the machine and the optimum core depth instantly calculated. The machine then removes the core to the correct depth and transfers the core for further processing. The de-cored cabbage is then quartered and sent on for further processing.

Coupled with our bespoke bin unloading and transfer system Greencore were able to increase productivity up to 60 cabbages per minute. Contact us today if you require automation including within your existing processing line.