Quality Milk Dispensing Line:

Euroflow were approached by a potential customer (Quality Milk) during one of the PPMA shows. We were asked to help with a pill dispensing problem.

The customer explained that he currently employees several people, to drop 3mm sized pills into small testing pots for the dairy milk sector. The business had grown to such a point that he had to consider automating the process.

Using its expertise in Solidworks and in-house3D prototyping facilities Euroflow manufactured a bespoke pill dispensing system. Capable of dispensing single pills into 10 pots in one click. The filled pots then passed into a lid sorting and placing system ready for collation and despatch.

Thanks to Euroflows expertise productivity was increased. All risks of repetitive strain injuries from manually dispensing pills also disappeared. Contact us today if you require a bespoke packaging line designing and building.